Things to Consider when Licensing Images for Commercial Use

girl on his laptop - cheap stock image

Stock photos are a great way to save money and time when you are creating a project. They are great visuals for presentations, marketing and social media presence. However, printing the images on physical products and reselling them is whole different ball game. You need to purchase the right license – Extended (Enhanced, in the other stock sites) License. Only then, you will be able to use the images for commercial use.

Now, there are a number of factors that affect licensing images for commercial use. Generally, they are written and drafted in the license agreement.

  • girl on his laptop - cheap stock imageHow much do stock photos for commercial use cost? This is the biggest question that creative professionals ask when purchasing images. The price of the image, for the most, is determined by the stock photo agency. Since you are buying the images from them, you will be paying a fixed price.
  • Size of your company. Licensing photos for commercial use individually is different than with a number of users. You need extra rights for the images to be used by your employees. That’s why stock photo agencies offer subscription plans for individual users, teams and enterprises.
  • Work done for the image. How much work did you actually do for it? An Extended License may be required if you exceed the number of print runs allowed by the stock agency you are buying the images from.
  • How the images will be used. Are you using the images for promotions that can extend beyond internal use? If you are, then you should get an Extended License to protect you against claims, liabilities, damages, and costs stemming from breach of the license agreement.
  • Duration of use. How long will you use the image? In a standard license, you are allowed to use the images for as you long as you wish. The same is true with an Extended License. You can use the images forever.

When you purchase images for commercial use under the Extended License, you are not giving up the rights you get with the Standard License. As the name suggests, you are simply extending them beyond the allowed number of copies. You can also use the images in designs to be sold repeatedly for an income.

What is the best source for buying images for commercial use?

Many stock photo websites offer photos for commercial use. Each has its own merits. But, the cheapest deal in the market by far is that of Stock Photo Secrets. SPS now offers an Extended License to creatives for as low as $22 per image, depending on the size of pack you purchase. A single image will cost you $80, but members can avail of a 50% discount. The images in the Extended License packs never expire and can be downloaded anytime you need.

What can you get with an Extended License from SPS?

  • 300,000+ printed copies
  • Products for resale

If you are looking for high quality images for commercial use to be reproduced on over 300,000 copies and for use on your own merchandise, check out Stock Photo Secrets’ offering.